Delivering Innovative Security Solutions and Service
Building Solutions on our Traffic Analysis Technology

Focusing on Traffic Analysis Technology, SOOSAN INT has been providing network security solutions and ISP platform services since establishing partnerships with the top telecoms in Korea in 2005.

Developing technologies and services to achieve ‘Innovation Toward a World with Clean and Safe Internet’, we endeavor to create an environment of safe and effective network usage for our customers.

Since our establishment in 1998, our guiding principles have been Technology, Integrity, and Talent. Based on these principles, we continuously work to make our customers’ growth a reality.

  • Internet traffic filtering solution
  • Network based Child Care service
  • VMI based data protection solution
  • Device Authentication Service with ISPs
  • Traffic analysis on a national level
  • Service add-ons for Southeast Asia telecoms


SOOSAN INT’s credit rating, 2018

108 Patents

(As of March 2018)
51 Patents pending, 108 technology patents acquired

1000+ Customers

(As of March 2018)
Customers using our network security solutions

5 Telecoms

(As of March 2018)
No. of domestic and overseas telecoms to which we provide Platform services


(As of March 2018)
Ratio of Research and Development Staff

10 Million URLs in DB

(As of March 2018)
Largest Harmful URL DB in Korea, Updated Continuously