eReD Hypervisor Security

eReD Hypervisor Security protects your important data from outside its virtual server. With protection outside the OS, eReD security cannot be disabled and hackers cannot find a target for attack.

Product Overview

By separating the OS from its security, eReD Hypervisor Security protects important data against external attacks. eReD Hypervisor Security uses VMI for file and application control; monitoring the state of virtual machines through the hypervisor.

Blocks New Threats

Prevents Data Leaks and Corruption

Web Page Tampering Prevention

Security that cannot be Disabled or Bypassed

Blocks Malware (including ransomware)

Supports a Range of
Operating Systems

Makes More Efficient
Use of Server Resources

Easy-to-Use UI

Fulfills ISMS Certificate Requirements


Blocks all Cyber Attacks

  • Prevents all infections from malware/ransomware using access controls hidden beneath the virtual server.
  • Provides an answer to zero-day attacks.

Robust Data Protection

  • Supports whitelist based application controls.
  • Prevents data leaks, tampering, and damage by unauthorized applications/processes.

Effective Server Resource Usage

  • Use of VMs can aid utilization of idle server resources.
  • Multiple VMs can be run on a single server to reduce cost.

Product Features


File Access Control

  • Prevents data tampering or damage by setting detailed options for a protected file.
  • Even if admin’s authority is taken out, since eReD allows only specific processes to access to the protected files, the protected files are safe.


Process Execution Preventing

  • Whitelist based application controls.
  • Only precise, hashed applications and libraries are allowed to execute. Application information including hashes is stored outside the OS.



  • Allows users to quickly recognize and respond to threats via real-time monitoring.
  • Intuitively understand and analyze log information through a variety of statistics.

/ OS

Supports a Wide Variety of OSs

  • Works with any server/OS that supports virtualization.
  • Multiple VMs can be run on a single server, utilizing resources effectively.