Your silent partner in the SWG field, providing unrivaled traffic analysis technology.
With you for the next 20 years as your network and data security service.
Securing your internet.

traffic analysis technology growing with you for 20 years

ePrism SSL VA

You can’t block what you can’t see.
With SSL decryption, you can respond to network security threats.
Easily connect to other devices without network reconfiguration or added load to ensure you have SSL visibility.

Start managing encrypted traffic with the number one visibility solution,

eWalker SWG V9

Have the best of both worlds,
Increase both web security and work efficiency with our integrated Internet Access Management solution.
improve your network security by blocking sites with malicious content
and increase work efficiency with Internet access controls.

Integrated Internet Access Management Solution

eReD Hypervisor Security

Defend against threats, even those you aren’t prepared for, with this new concept in data protection.
From special purpose PCs to private clouds, protect against what you can’t see.

Next Generation Hypervisor Security